Dave and Cindy Reedy bicycle around Lake Michigan - June, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you ride each day?
Cindy bikes slowly (averaging 11 mph when the road is flat and there is no head wind) and Dave bikes with Cindy - except on hills, but he waits for her at the top.
We usually start around 9 a.m. and arrive at our destination mid-afternoon.

What bicycles are you riding? Gunnar bicycle. Dave rides a Gunnar, made by Richard Schwinn in 2007 in Waterford, Wisconsin. The Gunnar model is named after Richard's dog, Gunnar. The bike was Dave's retirement present from his company.

Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle. Cindy Rides a Surly Long Haul Trucker, purchased in March, 2008. After an ulnar nerve injury she had the handlebars and stem modified. And she really wishes she had not listened to everyone that said she should get drop handlebars.

What are you using to route your way around?
"'Round Lake Michigan", a book by Harvey Botzman

Use of Jeff Wincentsen's cue sheet
and much help from Larry Gitchell
to get us from our house to the book's route on day one.

On the advice of Rich and Freda Diebold, a route from Bikely.Com (http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Chicago-Heights-to-Indiana-Dunes) for the second to the last day
and ATA's Chicagoland bicycle map (http://www.activetrans.org/shop/chicagoland-bicycle-map) for the last day.

Are you camping?
No. We are "credit card" touring - unsupported, but staying in motels and eating in restaurants.

Do you have someone driving around with you in case you have a problem?

How long will it take you?
Hopefully one month or less.

How much are you carrying?
Dave has 2 panniers, a rack bag and a bar bag that weigh a total of just under 20 pounds. Cindy has a bar bag, two regular panniers, a commuter's garment bag pannier and a computer pannier that weigh just under 50 pounds. And yes, I do need all that stuff.

Why are you doing this?
Only Dave asks this. So I ask him why has he run 6 marathons.
I think the real reason is that I want to be able to ride my bicycle around Lake Michigan. And the only way to know that I can do it is to do it.

How do you train for a trip like this?
Dick Diebold told the Elmhurst Bicycle Club many years ago that you should bike 100 miles a week for 10 weeks before you go on a tour. We probably would have enjoyed our first week more if we had found the time to do that. We did bike an average of 50 miles a week from January through May.

What do you do when it rains?
We watch the weather and try not to bike in the rain, but if it rains on us we get wet.

What are some of the unexpected fun things?
Driving by gas stations and not caring what the current price is for gas.
Putting "bicycle" on the motel check-in sheet for the "car make/model/license plate".
Discovering the magnitude and magnificence of Lake Michigan firsthand and up close.

What is your point of no return?
At the end of our driveway.

What do you miss the most when you are on the road for a month?
(Cindy) My own cooking. But not the shopping, actual cooking nor the clean up - just the eating.
(Dave) My drawing class, my sports car, Cindy's cooking, my DVR and big screen TV and on and on.

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